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Travel Talk: Charlotte, NC Adventures Part 2

Welcome back to Travel Talk- Charlotte edition! I’m so glad you’re here 😊

Last we left off, Night One had concluded in a flurry of shopping and delicious chain-Italian cuisine.

At the start of Day Two, my mother and I did our usual Sydney Cummings-Houdyshell workout, which leads me straight into my first travel tip of the article:

Tip #1: Stay Consistent in Your Routines (When Possible)

Travel can be a frenzy of new, exciting, stressful things. To help cut the newness and keep yourself grounded, stick to any wellness routines you can and- bonus!- accept that things won’t be exactly the same while you’re away.

For example, my mom and I didn’t bring our weights, so we had to stick to no equipment workouts for our whole trip. These workouts can be very similar and didn’t target what we’re used to, but we rolled with it and were grateful to get our movement in.

After everyone was ready for a fun-filled day, we headed out to go to a food hall… Only to get lost, finally find the food hall, discover it was too busy, and find a new lunch location. Fortunately, the lunch spot we found (Tremont Local Drinkery & Eatery) was delicious and not too busy- highly recommend if you love a chic sports bar vibe with incredible food!

This experience inspired my next tip…

Tip #2: Roll With What the Day Brings

We were really excited for the food hall, but it just didn’t work out. Fortunately, we were led to some great eats and had enough time to go back to District 57 for 90 minutes of The Grid, which I describe here!

We over double our score to achieve 330 points, which was awesome but not good enough to complete our mission of beating my mom’s work friend (womp womp 😞).

When we got home, we enjoyed some quality time together playing Phase 10 before getting ready for the main event… the WHOLE reason we were in Charlotte in the first place…

The concert was absolutely amazing and was totally worth the weekend trip to see! Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun are incredible performers, storytellers, and showmakers. My mom was bopping along during many of the songs (making it even more worth it) and we were all singing along to some of our collective favorite tunes.

All too soon, the concert was over and it was time to catch the rail back home.

Side Note: It was at this station that we saw RATS! Naturally, my mom FREAKED OUT and made a scene. I’ve never seen her jump so high (and we work out with one another)! 😂😂😂

The next morning came QUICK! The wee hours of the morning were a flurry of getting in one last workout and preparing to leave our beautiful AirBnB.

Once we were ready to depart, the trip was a bit shorter than the journey to Charlotte, but held the somber note that every departure from a vacation holds.

With this in mind, the final tip of this series is one that applies to any opportunity you have to travel…

Tip #3: Go For It!

Travel yields so many memories and life lessons! Any opportunity you have to travel- do it. You won’t regret it!

Before we kiss the first trip of Travel Talk goodbye, I have a bonus, post-travel tip to share with you:

Post-Travel Tip: Be Kind to Your Body After Travel

For me, this looked like taking the time to do yoga after a long day in the car. My body thanked me so much for this and I was able to get my post-travel chores done more effectively.

Thank you so much for keeping up with Travel Talk! I look forward to sharing my future travel adventures with you ✈️

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