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Meet the Creator | Kimberly Brooke 

Hello Beautiful! 👋🏻

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My name is Kimberly and I'm a workout, chai tea, and theatre loving twenty-something! I’m a 4th Grade Math & Science Teacher and CEO of Content Writing With Kimberly- an organization created with the sole purpose of increasing your impact & income while lightening the load that content writing brings to you as an entrepreneur.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about two things- writing and wellness. When I first started cultivating my written voice in 4th grade, I knew it was something I was going to grow and cherish throughout my life. Oftentimes, I used this voice, and my boisterous speaking voice, to help others through the challenges they were experiencing- whether it was a fellow classmate being a meany pants or some serious, real-life drama. 


Fast forward to college- the time in which both of these passions were put to the test and, ultimately, withstood the trial by fire. With my limited time, I started to cultivate an online voice through blogging and increasing my social media presence. Unfortunately, I had no clue what to post about besides my experiences and ~sigh~ dramatic selfies with even more dramatic song lyrics. 


Luckily for me, wellness infused its way back into my life around this time! Through workout classes at the University of Florida (Go Gators!), my studies as a psychology major, and allowing myself to explore more of my passions, I found my way to a more-well life. 


Nowadays, I use my writing skills to bring brands to life and I share my short & sweet wellness tips with the world in hopes of helping even one person live a more-well life. 

Because I've been right where you are...

  • Lacking clarity in how to use the gift of life you've been given

  • Wracked with Imposter Syndrome

  • Burnt out so many times that it's not a question of if it'll happen again, but when

  • Feeling so numb from it all that the days pass in a blur

Now that I've moved mountains to get away from those feelings, I'm ready to help you up and over them too! If you're ready to stop surviving and start thriving, it's time to...

The Extended Version...

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Take a peek into those baby blues (or scroll down) to get a glimpse of the experiences that allowed me to become the wellness writing enthusiast I am today!


Family- Where It All Started

As the first of two children, I was a rambunctious and fun-loving child who always strived to keep my family on their toes. Since growing up (sort of), I have morphed this fun-loving spirit into a more care-driven one by supporting my family through a listening ear, baked goods, and smashing jokes. While my personality has grown over the years, one thing has remained the same: family- both blood & bond- will always be the most important thing to me.

From Work Your Hardest to Find Your Balance

As soon as I started school, I was fiercely determined to succeed! I did everything I could to get the best grades possible and become the smartest version of myself because I was taught, and still believe, that knowledge is power.

Nowadays, I channel this spirit by taking every opportunity I feel aligned with earnestly and handling them with the most effort I can give.


I take the motto "make it happen" to heart and strive to make the most out of every task, big or small, because I know in my core that the results will outweigh the hardship of the extra effort being exerted in the moment.

Day to day, I cherish this work ethic and balance it out with self-care and listening to my intuition, which is a MAJOR skill I hope to pass on to you.

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Go Gata.jpeg

Rejection-> Redirection

Given all of the ambition and smarts I was used to having, I thought I was a shoe in for the Ivy Leagues! That turned out to not even be close to the case...

This experience rocked my world & shifted the course of my future- not only because I had to go to my backup school (Go Gators!) but because I got a fat serving of humble pie and had to reconstruct my view of myself. This experience was tough and took many years, but it was the catalyst I needed for my...

Self-Discovery Revolution

During my college years and beyond, I've been on a journey to self-discovery. Not every moment has been easy, but I can genuinely say I'm grateful for every part of it- from discovering fitness classes at UF to learning how to cope with the ever-changing, scary world of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, I channel these experiences, including the knowledge I gleaned from my B.S.B.A. in Marketing & my B.S. in Psychology, to help my clients & readers find their true version of a more-well life.


Ready to explore your passions, find your purpose, and live a life you're grateful for daily? Join the Kimberly Brooke Wellness community ✨

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