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My Month at a Glance: February 2023- What a Ride...

Two months down, ten to go!

It's crazy how quickly this year has gone. It still feels like we just started, yet we're already two months in. I was literally just thinking about something that happened in 2019 while driving today and was stopped dead in my tracks by the fact that 2019 was FOUR YEARS AGO 🤯

Time seems to be flying by so fast, which is why I think this series is so important not just for me personally, but for everyone trying to savor the moments in their life. There's a saying that typically relates to parenthood, but I've noticed it applies to life in general too: "the days are long, but the years are short." While it may feel like a whirlwind is going on around you on a daily basis, before you know it that situation has passed and becomes a distant memory.

To illustrate, this is exactly how I feel about college life pre-pandemic. In 2019, I moved to a different apartment, focused on my fitness & nutrition, and started to carve more of a life for myself than ever before. I didn't record anything from those moments besides the occasional Instagram post and looking back on it now, I regret it. I wish I had a time capsule of that time because it was SO pivotal in my journey to self-discovery.

So, in an effort to create a time capsule of this time in my life, I give you this month's installment of "My Month at a Glance" and encourage you to use it as inspiration for you to capture this moment in your life as well ✨

My Experience

This month may have been the shortest of the year, but it was PACKED with memorable moments. The most memorable I would have to say was my grandparents' 50th anniversary party. We worked incredibly hard to surprise them with a beautiful celebration full of some of their favorite people and the love- their love for each other, our love for them, etc.- was so palpable that night. I think my feelings of finally being able to surprise and celebrate them can be summed up in one picture...


Besides pulling this grand scheme off for my grandparents, my family was blessed with more family time when my cousin Marissa and her family came to visit from New York. I got to see them three times in the week they were here and we had a beautiful time every time 💛

Unfortunately, this month wasn't all highs (is any month ever though?). With the large weight of life still looming over me, I experienced a few moments of burnout and have continued to struggle in my pursuit of my purpose (which is Step Two in my Therapy Journey). However, I have started to see a shift in myself as I've worked to give myself what I need and ~try~ to let go of my overwhelming need to control my trajectory and achieve achieve achieve.

One moment I'd like to share for both for my future self to remember and for you to learn from comes from the last day of the month. I literally said the day before that this was the first month I hadn't experienced sickness since about October 2022... and I jinxed myself. During the day on Monday, February 28th, my throat got sore and that sicky tired started to creep in.

This time, instead of just pushing through and working on my never-ending to-do list that I had set up for the week, I cleared my schedule of everything I didn't absolutely need to do and did the unimaginable: I took naps. Two days in a row. AND I didn't beat myself up for it. I know- it's a huge shocker to me too. Old me would've NEVER allowed a nap on a school day!

However, this is precisely what allowed me to heal in a record TWO DAYS. By Wednesday, the sore throat was gone and I was ready and rearing to go for Seuss Night at my school. I hate to admit it, but they were right- rest IS productive, especially when you're sick. So, to anyone hellbent on continuing to go go go when they're sick, do what's best for your body and get some sleep. <- @ future me.

Top of the Charts

I know I said I'm not usually a trendy girl last month, but I think I may of lied because I definitely have a top trend this month...

Guys, this song absolutely blew my mind and the TikToks of seeing all these beautiful people feeling gorgeous and running around while releasing whatever this song brought up for them was just lovely to watch. While I didn't participate in the trend myself, I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone running around and having a good time.

You already know what has to come next...

Top Song & Top Book of course!

This month, my top song has to be an album because my all-time favorite band released a new album and of COURSE it's everything! If you haven't already, you HAVE to listen to...

Listen, it's hard for me to pick favorites when I love every song SO much, but I think right now I've gotta give the top spot to "Big Man, Little Dignity" (though "C'est Comme Ca" is a CLOSE second). Really, I just recommend listening to the whole album and enjoy the artistry that Paramore brings to every album 💁🏻‍♀️

This month in books has been slower than before, but I still got a couple of reads in between everything going on. My favorite this month was a fiction, but it definitely made me think a lot...

This book jumps throughout the life of Addie LaRue, who has been alive since the 1700s. It's interesting to see how Addie had overcome the challenges life threw at her and learned from everything. 10/10 recommend giving this one a read 📖

Intention Progress

Last month, I shared my two big focuses right now in my journey to growing. Here's an update on both of those intentions:

Intention #1 Project Find Your Happy

As I've mentioned previously, I graduated from this concept in my therapy journey! This has shown me not only that I've cultivated a lot more happiness in my life, but I've been able to define what happiness truly is. It's not a constant state by no means nor is it something simply attained by achieving. It can be much more simple or complex than that.

To illustrate, sometimes happiness looks like sitting in the sun and reading a book. It's a simple act that can be achieved so long as one takes time to do it. At other times, you may have to move mindset mountains before that happiness can seep in. I've noticed this most in times of grief. The heaviness that comes along with processing the loss of a loved one is not easily lightened by no means.

Now that I have a more solid realization of what happiness is to me, my goals for March include...

  1. Seeking out more small moments of happy

  2. Being more present & grateful so I can truly appreciate the happiness that life brings

  3. Continue to work on my mindset to allow the highs and lows to roll through me instead of get stuck in me

Intention #2 Project Fitness Queen

I'm proud to report that I stuck to tracking my macros all month and have been working to make nutrition decisions that suit both my wants and my needs. Though I haven't seen much physical change in my body, I love the mental change I'm seeing from myself in that I'm focused on fueling myself with foods that make my mind AND body happy- not just what will provide a physical change.

This month, I'm working towards analyzing my food habits and seeing where I can improve. My major challenge right now is getting enough protein (isn't that the challenge for all of us? 😅). I'll also continue working out with my girl Sydney and am working to incorporate even more movement when my body is craving it (ex. yoga after work, dancing, walking at recess, etc.).

Now it's your turn! How was your February- truly? What patterns are you keeping and which are you looking to shift away from in March? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️

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