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My Professional Experience

As a multi-passionate individual, I've had an array of experiences throughout my working life, even as a young twenty-something. These experiences have all helped shape me into the committed, hard-working individual I am while touching on specific fields I have had interest in. Some of these fields include:

  • Teaching

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Content Creation

  • Dancing

  • Performing

  • Psychology

Interested in how I pursued these fields? Let me share a bit more...

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Past Experience

University of Florida

Aug. 2017 - Dec. 2020

  • B.S. in Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Science, GPA: 3.95

  • B.S.B.A in Marketing, Warrington College of Business, GPA: 3.71

Fourth Grade Teacher- Hernando County School District

Aug. 2021-Present

  • Organized and analyzed various lessons to target students' individual needs while delivering content in a variety of methods (whole group, small group, individual activities, etc.)

  • Built a collaborative and friendly learning environment by employing a variety of behavior shaping techniques, including a positive behavior point system, weekly check-ins, and communication notebooks in addition to an always open line of verbal communication.

Marketing Coordinator-
Women Empower X

Jan. 2021- Jul. 2021

  • Coordinated the team of virtual assistants to ensure all Women Empower X content was distributed on time across all channels- such as the membership platform and social media

  • Created copy for a variety of mediums, such as social media and emails, to foster the budding community of female entrepreneurs and draw them to remain active members of the community

Leasing Agent-
The Standard Gainesville

  • Toured and followed up with 1000+ prospective residents through on-site visits and phone calls, leading to a lease up of 100% each year

  • Trained new community ambassadors, including tour and follow-up procedures and the leasing process

Sep. 2017- Jun. 2020

Dance Camp Instructor- Live Oak Theatre Company

  • Choreographed six numbers of varying difficulty for students to perform at the end of camp

  • Taught students basic skills in key styles of dance to use throughout their performing careers

Jun. 2022- Jul. 2022

Research Assistant- 
Pediatric Psychology Lab

  • Recruited participants to take part in lab studies

  • Aided in a variety of projects, such as transcriptions and icon development, to further the progress of lab studies

May 2019- Dec. 2019

Teaching Assistant-
UF International Business

  • Aided students in course success through studying for exams and winning a competitive simulation

  • Provided instructor with exam questions based on course material as well as reviewed and edited homework questions for clarity and coherence

Aug. 2019- Dec. 2020

Marketing Intern-
Women Empower X

  • Managed a variety of social media platforms- including Instagram captioning, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pinning

  • Wrote copy for 15+ email campaigns being sent out to 8000+ subscribers

Jan. 2020- Jan. 2021

Various Positions- 
Dancin' Gators

Aug. 2017- May 2020

  • Held three executive board positions: Head Choreographer and Vice President (2018-2019) and President (2019-2020)

  • Assisted choreographers with their club duties while choreographing over 15 dances myself and performing many more

Art & Music Club Director-
Pine Grove Elementary School

  • Volunteered to create a program that gave children the opportunity to learn more about the arts, which had been taken out of the curriculum

  • Educated over 30 children, K-5th grade on the fundamentals of dance, music, and singing

Aug. 2018- May 2019

Publicity Committee Member-
Florida Players

Sep. 2018- May 2019

  • Aided the acting club of UF in advertising upcoming plays and events through grassroots and social media campaigns.

  • Served as a Publicity Committee member by aiding the Publicity Director in successful completion of our advertising campaigns.

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