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Wellness Weekly- Go into Rest Mode

It’s so necessary, but we’re so bad at it most of the time!

That’s right- this week, we’re talking about going into rest mode.

Unfortunately, we often see rest as “a waste of time.” Because we’re not actively doing something, it looks like we’re not doing anything of significance.

However, rest is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, especially when we’re feeling depleted. It allows us to fill our cups back up so we can pour ourselves into our passions.

So, how do we find a way to rest in a way that’s meaningful and will fill our cup most? Here are a few tips to lead you to a successful rest sesh:


I know- I’m horrible at this too and feel like I do get to relax when I’m scrolling social media. But unplugging allows you to actively rest your mind while trying to rest your body.

So, unplugging can look like…

Staying off social media

Turning your phone on airplane mode

Staying off the Internet

Turning your notifications off

Separating yourself from screens

Depending on how your mind operates, one or more of these steps may be necessary to truly achieve the level of rest you need.

Listen to Yourself

If you take a moment to listen, it’s likely your body will tell you exactly what it needs. Don’t get me wrong- it might not be super clear, but the feeling will be there so long as you listen.

To illustrate, if you take a moment to unplug and decide what your body needs to feel rejuvenated, you might notice that you’re feeling fatigue (which, let’s be real, is something we feel Every. Single. Day… right? 😅). Your inner whisper is telling you you need some good ol’ rest, so it’s time to do something calm that speaks to your soul. Maybe you soak up some sun outside, watch a movie, or simply catch up on some zzz’s. Whatever activity you choose, make sure it’s mindful and listening to your inner whisper.

Carve Out Time for Rest to Leave You Feeling Less Stressed

If you don’t carve out time for rest, your body will force you to take that time- trust me, I’ve spent PLENTY of time in Burnout City because I didn’t follow this rule.

Therefore, it makes complete sense to schedule rest into your routine- whether it’s a daily act of self-care (which I’ve challenged myself to in October 2022), a weekly activity (ex. taking Friday nights completely off), and/or a monthly splurge (ex. a weekend getaway).

I know it’s easier said than done, but for the sake of your wellness, get some good ol’ fashioned TLC from yourself this week! I'm off to go get mine... 💤

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