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Wellness Weekly: Get Out of There! 📦

How many times have you heard “step outside of the box” in order to be successful? I’ll bet it’s a ton.

But what about stepping outside of the box for other reasons? Do we always need to stay so focused on success that it’s the only thing that guides our decisions?

Of course not! And, quite honestly, by doing things for ourselves instead of always for success, we often find more success than we imagined.

The inspiration for this article came from my fitness routine. My mom and I have worked out every day we can together since I moved back to my hometown. Unfortunately, over the summer she was sick for a week and was unable to come work out.

Because we were doing the same workout program, I had a choice: I could continue on the program and go back to where we left off when she got better, or I could do something else.

So, during this time I stepped out of the box I have been in since 2020 and did dance workout videos. As a former dancer, these videos made my heart happy (shout out to EMK Fit for some awesome workouts!) and allowed me to reconnect with my love of dance, not dancing to perform, all while giving me a good sweat sesh.

Did these workouts push me closer to my fitness goals than my typical Sydney Cummings workouts? Not particularly. But did they offer a super fun change to my routine that I was excited to wake up to when I didn’t have my workout partner to keep me dedicated? Absolutely!

This can be the case for any area of your life, and the change you make doesn’t have to be permanent. My workout partner doesn’t like dance workouts, so unfortunately those kinds of workouts are reserved for days we’re not working out together…

Also, these steps outside of the box don’t have to set you back or propel you forward necessarily. As I mentioned before, success shouldn’t be the only thing we’re focused on. On the other hand, we don’t want to lose sight of our goals too much. It’s all about balance- just like life itself!

Ready to step outside of the box that is your current lifestyle? Here are a couple of ways you can get started:

Pinpoint Where You Get Stuck in Habits

Habits are great! They’re super useful for trying to live the most efficient life and allowing yourself to go on autopilot while still moving towards your goals…

But, let’s be real, they can get boring. Take the time to look at your habits and see where you can switch them up! Maybe you rearrange your entire habit or maybe you make a tiny tweak that has a huge impact. Either way, coming out of that box will leave you feeling rejuvenated in your daily life. 🤩

Now, I’ve got to admit here, it’s easier said than done. I’m someone who creates habits and will cling on to them for a looooong time, like eat the same breakfast for months on end…

So, if you can relate and are not sure of what to do once you take a look at your habits…

Identify How You Can Bust Out of the Box

Take some time to think about how you can bust out of these habits in a way you’re willing to.

For example, I try to remain consistently healthy in the breakfasts and lunches I eat. For me, this looks like the same breakfast option during the week (right now it’s a Chobani flip) and lunch (currently Caesar salad).

However, during the summer I was home, so I changed up my usual habits to include foods I had to make because I had time! During this time, I discovered the salmon rice bowl with nori (thank you Emily Mariko!) and fell in LOVE!

Without busting this habit of mine, I would’ve never found one of my favorite easy meals that I can make!


From there…

Get Out There!

Try new things! Experience new experiences!

I know it’s not always easy, especially when the changes seem small and insignificant, but I promise making these small shifts can bring your passion to a higher level, which will have ripple effects throughout the different areas of your life.

Make the changes for yourself. You deserve to live a life that you’re excited to live every day.

Now go bust out of that box! 📦

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