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Wellness Weekly: For When You’re Not Feeling It…

Let’s be real, we’re not going to be on it 100% of the time… Not even close!

There are going to be days that sap your energy so bad it’s all you can do to feed yourself and crawl into bed. There are going to be times where life has thrown so many curveballs your way that they’ve knocked you down. There are going to be weeks where you lack the determination it takes to stick to the goals you set out to achieve.

And that’s a-okay. It’s all part of being human!

So, this article is an ode to all those times when you’re not feeling it. When you are just not up to the self-care game. When you don’t want to run after those goals and instead would rather run to comfort.

I know the last thing you want in these moments sometimes is advice. However, I promise these tips are worth it for your wellness…

Seek Comfort

I know- so often we hear that we should be out of our comfort zone to grow. And I get it- that’s truly where we experience the most growth!

However, just like I talk about with my Joyful Journaling Community, your comfort zone is far from all bad and it’s, well, comfortable- which is exactly what you need sometimes.

So instead of shying away from your comfort zone in fear of stunting your growth or seeming weak, don’t be afraid to reunite with your comfort zone in the moments you truly need it. Pop your popcorn, turn on some good entertainment, have some tea, and just relax 😌(is this anyone else’s version of comfort? Just me? 😅)

Rest Rest Rest

Often, when we get into these periods of heaviness, it’s because our bodies are crying out for rest. We go and go and go until our bodies can physically and mentally go no more.

Instead of trying to ignore that urge to rest, give your body what it craves! Though it may feel lazy if you have a laundry list of things to do, I promise it is one of the most productive things you can do as it’s your first line of defense against burnout.

Trust me, I’ve learned from personal experience some of the fun things that happen when you don’t give your body the rest it’s telling you you need and… let’s just say it’s no fun. It’s like ignoring the check engine light on your car. Sooner or later something’s going to happen that’ll make you wish you had checked out the issue sooner.

Forgive Yourself

I’ve saved the best for last: Forgive Yourself 😌

This one is the absolute most important thing you can do for yourself in these valleys of life. Often, we feel like we have to be these self-improvement robots: never feeling and always pushing through the hardships even though they HURT.

Well I’m here to say that that is completely and utterly false, no matter how much what we see daily tries to convince us otherwise. And I know, as a wellness blog, I can be a contributor to feelings of having to push on and improve ourselves. I felt first-hand how detrimental this could be as I was trying to build my wellness brand while simultaneously going through the roughest period of my life.

That’s why it’s so important to know when it’s time to take a break from the self-improvement game and remember what wellness is all about: balance. Balance is key when it comes to true wellness, though we often forget about the part that “doesn’t look healthy.”

So, when you’re having one of those moments that pulls you away from your goals, take your moment. You are allowed to feel doubt and take a pause. You are allowed to be heartbroken and comfort yourself by any means necessary. You are allowed to take mental health days. You are allowed to be human.

When you’re ready to come back to your goals and ambitions, don’t look down upon your period of “weakness” because that “weakness” was really the restoration you needed to keep going. That moment of self-care above everything else is what you needed to survive, and for that you should not only forgive yourself, but you should be grateful that it helped you through a rough spot.

So, next time you’re not feeling it, whatever it is, don’t fall into the trap of self-hatred and trudging along as we so often do. Do yourself a favor and love yourself by any means you can. 💛

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