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Wellness Weekly- Embody Gratitude 😌

Gratitude is the biggest gift you can give yourself. By infusing your mindset with gratitude, you give yourself the power to live your best life without having to change what’s going on in the external world around you.

How does this work? It’s like the famous quote from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies but once.”

The coward may be experiencing the same thing as the hero, yet he dies 999 times more than the hero because he’s so hyper fixated on death that death permeates his entire psyche.

When you’re focused on the negative, you’re literally killing your vibe like the coward. However, when you’re embracing each moment you can and finding gratitude, you’re living life like the hero.

You have the power to control your mind one conscious thought at a time. Therefore, embodying a happier, grateful mindset is completely possible, but it’s going to take some work…

Here are three ways you can start retraining your mind today towards welcoming in more gratitude:

Develop a Morning Gratitude Practice

Your morning has the power to set the tone for your day, so why not set it off on a grateful note?

By getting yourself in the habit of thinking of things you're grateful for, especially in the morning, you start to train your mind to seek out the grateful thoughts automatically.

Low on time? No worries! This practice doesn’t have to take too much of your time. You can simply create a list of things you’re grateful for, either by writing them down, creating a voice note, or simply thinking of them.

Shift Your Negative Thoughts Towards Grateful Ones

This tip will take time and patience, but it’s so worth it 🙌🏻

In order to shift your negative thoughts towards more grateful ones, start by simply taking note of your thoughts throughout the day. From there, start to steer your negative thoughts towards the light when possible.

For example, when you notice yourself dwelling on a negative interaction with a colleague at work, try to focus instead on the high number of sales you made that day.

Of course this doesn’t mean don’t feel your feelings. It’s entirely necessary to process your negative emotions in order to cultivate a grateful mindset because the negative will keep pervading your mind if left unprocessed. However, when you’re done feeling your feelings and making your peace with the situation, it’s time to shift to the gratitude mindset.

As you keep making these shifts, slowly but surely you’ll notice it takes less and less effort to stay grateful until finally you’re feeling grateful all the time!

Take More Self-Care Time

I know, what does self-care have to do with gratitude?

Actually… everything!

Self-care allows you to reset and prep for the challenges ahead of you. This way, when those challenges come, you’re as ready as possible. This leads to gratitude towards yourself and the ability to appreciate the moment more instead of stress about it.

To illustrate, consider two different scenarios:

Scenario 1: You’ve meal prepped your breakfast for the week. This way, every day at breakfast time you’re able to grab your breakfast, sit at the table, and enjoy with minimal mess and maximum time.

Scenario 2: You didn’t meal prep breakfast for the week. Every morning, you’re sprinting to the kitchen to throw something quick together and slam it down before having to run out the door to work.

In which case do you think you’d have a better chance to appreciate the moment? Scenario 1 of course!

Self-care in the forms you need it most works wonders on your mindset, which invites gratitude into your everyday life.

As I’ve mentioned before, embodying gratitude is not easy. It’s never easy to retrain your brain. However, by creating a more positive mindset, you’re leading yourself towards a more well life. 💛

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